Our approach to global equities

We offer clients a broad array of offshore investment strategies through Pendal Group, our wholly owned subsidiary J O Hambro Capital Management and specialist sub-advisers.

All of the global equities managers used by Pendal feature an active, fundamental, bottom-up stock-selection process, albeit with differences in portfolio construction.

Our global equity fund managers have complete investment authority over their funds. This leads to a diversity of views and approaches across our investment professionals.

The managers of Pendal Group and J O Hambro Capital Management may leverage each other’s expertise, but there is no “house view” on economies, markets, sectors or stocks.


Pendal established an Australian-based Global Equities boutique in 2016 with the appointment of Ashley Pittard.

WATCH: Pendal’s head of global equities Ashley Pittard explains his investment approach for Pendal Concentrated Global Share Fund.

Ashley has more than 20 years of experience in the finance industry, including roles in petroleum economics, global energy investment analysis and portfolio management.

His prior fund was awarded the Best Australian Based Global Equity Manager 2015 by the Australian Fund Manager Foundation and International Equities (Alternative Strategies) Fund of the Year 2015 by Zenith/ Professional Planners Association.

The Global Equities boutique’s Pendal Concentrated Global Share Fund is managed by a five-strong team led by Ashley.

Available for the Australian retail market, the strategy uses a fundamental, bottom-up stock selection process with a focus on mis-priced and under-appreciated businesses.

The Pendal Concentrated Global Share Fund is a long-only and benchmark-unaware concentrated fund.

The Pendal team manages the following funds — all with the same underlying process and strategy:

There is also a currency-hedged version of the strategy:

 J O Hambro Capital Management

J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM), 100% owned by Pendal, is a boutique investment management business with offices in London, Singapore, New York and Boston. JOHCM specialises in the active management of equities across the globe.  For Pendal in Australia, J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM) manages the:

Similar to Pendal, JOHCM’s success is founded on experienced fund managers with proven investment pedigrees. Fund managers are attracted by JOHCM’s entrepreneurial approach, investment autonomy and central support, enabling them to focus solely on investing without the distractions that can arise at a larger company.  

This intellectual latitude and the absence of bureaucratic practices associated with many larger fund management houses has led to extremely low turnover among its investment professionals.

Each fund’s investment management process is tailored to its individual benchmark and goals.

Value can be added through a combination of country allocation as well as individual stock selection. More information on JOHCM’s range of investment products can be accessed here.