We have been managing diversified funds for over 40 years

Our diversified funds provide investors with a portfolio of a variety of traditional and alternative asset classes and strategies.

These include Australian and international shares, Australian and international property securities, Australian and international fixed interest and cash investments and alternatives.

Our investment philosophy applies rigour and conviction via a disciplined process:

  • A strong focus on risk, helping improve the consistency of long-term wealth creation
  • Portfolios built to meet the needs of clients rather than with reference to peers
  • We believe a smooth investment journey is an important part of investor outcomes

We actively manage our portfolios to achieve investment objectives by diversifying investments across asset classes and strategies.

View the Pendal Multi-Asset Responsible Investment Framework.

View report ‘How to approach Sustainable Multi-Asset Portfolio Construction‘.

We employ three main approaches to do this (in descending order of return and risk contribution at the total fund level):

  • Strategic asset allocation – weighted asset class exposures designed to meet the investment objectives over the long-term investment horizon
  • Active management – exploitation of market inefficiencies within asset classes
  • Tactical asset allocation – exploitation of short-term market directionality across asset classes

These three performance drivers should exhibit low correlation to each other so as to most efficiently deploy the risk being taken on.

Our team manages a range of investment options from multi-asset funds, lifecycle funds, single asset portfolios in liquid alternatives and international equities (traditional & smart beta).

While our balanced funds collectively encapsulate a wide range of return/risk objectives, our team also manages tailored portfolios for large clients. Our products include the:

The team has a diverse skill set combining a range of global and domestic market experience and drawing on the resources of Pendal Group’s other specialist teams.