Pendal has core investment management capabilities in Australian equities across a range of portfolio types.

Our Australian equities portfolios are managed in a ‘core’ investment style. Core means we are style indifferent – we invest in all types of companies without a predetermined bias.

This approach maximises our proprietary research capabilities and our universe of investment opportunities, while allowing us to focus on stock-specific risk rather than style risk.

Ultimately, a core style enables us to deliver consistent outperformance regardless of market trends.

Using this fundamental investment process we aim to add value through active stock selection and company research.

We select stocks based on our assessment of their long-term worth and their ability to outperform the market.

Our research is performed by one of the largest, most experienced and stable research teams in the Australian market.

Our depth of resources along with our transparent, repeatable and accountable process that is applied with a demonstrable risk management discipline allows us to create sustainable and consistent outperformance for our clients.

The company research we undertake focuses on four key factors: valuation, financial risk, a company’s franchise and its management quality.

Our performance shows the benefits of this research platform: diversified sources of value-add obtained across a range of market conditions.

The Australian Equities team manages a range of funds to this core style, including the: